We converted the classical cistern tucked underneath the home of local sustainable
women's clothing brand A Hidden Bee into a non-profit gallery supporting talented

What is our mission?
We; as A Hidden Bee & A Hidden Gallery family, believe that interdisciplinary
collaboration invites creativity and originality, and it helps build community. On the other
hand we strive to give shopping a meaning beyond an exchange of goods and money
and create a space to connect and bond around shared interests and experiences.

How do we find the artists?
We reach the artists that are already on our radar or we get applications via
info@ahiddenbee.com or via our Instagram account @ahiddenbee

What is the artist selection criteria?
As we mentioned Our Gallery is a historical cistern and cellar. The character of the
space plays a big role in choosing the right type of art. The Cistern has a unique vibe
and mysterious atmosphere, but on the other hand its amorphous walls and low ceilings
dictate the kind of art we can display.
We also take into consideration if the artist's aesthetic blends with our Hive.

How does the Gallery work if it’s non-profit?
Basically we make each artist support the next artist by taking a 20% share from their
sales and donating it to A Hidden Gallery Foundation. The Foundation pays for the next
artists' exhibition preparation expenses.

Why do we do this?
Because we believe there are a lot of hidden gems around the world and we want to
help bring them into the light by sharing our space with them. And we want our
customers to leave our Hive with a memorable experience.
As creative people we aim to interact with other creative folks from different disciplines.

What about the collaboration collections ?
A Hidden Bee actively collaborates with each featured artist, preparing limited edition
Collaboration Collection peices. The style and even medium beyond textiles will vary
based on each connection with an ever present goal of interdisciplinary collaboration,
and seeing the world through different perspectives.
Also... Let’s accept the fact that buying art is not always easy. But if you love the work of
the artist, we give you the option to buy an exhibition related collection piece with the
signature of the artist within the aesthetics and quality levels of A Hidden Bee.
Oh! And when you buy from the collaboration collection, the artist gets 20% of the
payment. So you will be supporting an artist with your purchase.

More Questions about our Gallery?
Please drop an e-mail to : info@ahiddenbee.com
or contact us through our Instagram; @ahiddenbee